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Serving Houston, we fabricate stainless steel countertops, railings, hand rails, islands, cabinets, tables, benches…and anything else you can dream up!

From small individual or custom stainless steel pieces to complete commercial kitchens and installations – we do it all!

We feature many ready-to-build items for home and commercial use.

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Residential & Commercial

We are happy to provide our services to both residential and commercial customers.  No matter if you are looking to outfit your kitchen at home, or open a new bar/restaurant – we are here to help!

Custom Fabricated Just For You

While we do offer many standardized products, we can make anything.  You can create something from the ground up, or modify one of our existing items to fit your needs.  Whatever it is you desire, we can design and fabricate virtually any stainless steel fixture you can think of!

Whether you need a custom one-off stainless steel piece, or a production run consisting of hundreds or thousands of the same piece, we are equipped to meet your needs.  Our quality workmanship will ensure consistency with tight tolerances, precise welds, and durable products that stand the test of time.

Top Quality Commercial and Residential Stainless Steel Tables

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Stainless steel is a widely used material in making furniture. The benefits of using metal furniture are its strength, corrosion free attribute. After our stainless steel fabrication Houston, stainless steel becomes rust resistant and offers long-lasting finish. We have varieties of stainless steel table collections that can be used for residential as well as commercial purpose. These tables come with attractive designs and fit nicely in small spaces. Our stainless tables are very easy to assemble and can be carried without difficulty from one room to another.

Commercial and Residential Stainless Steel Cabinets

When it comes to buying cabinets for commercial or residential use, there’s no better alternative to Houston fabrication stainless steel. Besides supreme durability, stainless steel also offers various aesthetic finishing to add, including the popular powder coat finish as well as patterned or perforated finishing. We at Houston Stainless Steel can customize your stainless steel cabinets in a variety of shapes or sizes that best suits your purpose. You can either order a single cabinet or go for the bulk purchase of cabinets. We, as metal fabrication experts, are always ready to help you.

Home and Commercial Stainless Steel Countertops

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If you are interested in upgrading your kitchen space, then incorporating stainless steel countertops will be the best choice you have ever made. Our steel countertop not only adds style to your kitchen but makes your life a lot easier as it is almost maintenance free. That’s why it is the most preferred material for commercial or residential kitchen countertops. Unlike other countertops made of wood or stone, our food grade stainless steel is both heat and rust resistant, making it the most durable option for kitchen purpose.

Top Quality Commercial and Residential Stainless Steel Islands

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A kitchen island can be helpful in creating prep space, as well as seating or even providing additional kitchen storage. If you prefer to upgrade your kitchen to commercial-grade looks, then a stainless steel kitchen island would be the best option. One benefit that really attracts our customer while choosing a stainless steel island over wood, or any other materials, is its virtually maintenance free nature and durability. In case you want your stainless steel island to match your kitchen theme we also offer stainless steel fabrication according to the needs of every customer.

Top Quality Stainless Steel Benches

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We also offer high quality durable stainless steel benches with innovative designs. These benches come in a compact design usually offering to seat for more than a few people at a time. Though our stainless steel benches are often used in the outdoors, their elegant and stylish designs can also play an important part in indoor decoration as well. You can either use them in an outdoor garden or add elegance to your interior with a sparkling hallway bench as well.

Kitchen and Commercial Food Safe Stainless Steel Products

Manufacturers in the food industry must comply with very strict requirements in order to keep away from product contamination. That’s why we offer Food Safe Stainless Steel Products which are made from food grade steel sheet metal. The main reason behind using this type of steel is, in fact, it is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, as well as chlorides or salt. Moreover, our custom made Food Safe sinks, work tables, panels, countertops, prep tables, dish tables, shelving, are made of high-quality food safe stainless steel to ensure absolute compliance with food safety regulations.

Why choose stainless steel?

After fabrication, stainless steel becomes very strong and durable. Due to these features, the products made from stainless steel are long-lasting. We sell different types of stainless steel products and all of them are made from steel after fabrication. Our stainless steel products can be used, both for commercial and residential use.

Is stainless steel safe?

The biggest advantage of stainless steel fabrication is that is rust free and never gets corroded. Hence you can not only use it for official and residential purposes but can also be used for food storage. Due to its corrosion-free nature, the food stored remains safe and does not turn sour.

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